The founding partners of Five Mile River Investment Management are value managers. We invest in companies that have above market dividend yields, that generate free cash flow, and can support continued growth in dividend payments. Stocks that pay dividends can give investors a performance edge in both long and short term horizons. Dividend paying stocks have outperformed their counterparts over the last 5, 10 and 20 years. Five Mile investment philosophy is to find companies which possess superior business models, and are priced at a discount to private market value. Using value strategies to study investment opportunities is key to identifying attractive business models that can produce above average long-term returns during different business and economic cycles.

The realization of superior returns from investing in these kinds of businesses is finding, through fundamental research, a catalyst or catalysts for closing the discount between market price and private market value. Only through a disciplined investment process can this stepped-up value be realized on a consistent long-term basis.
Value Oriented Strategies
Value stategies means investing in good businesses and assets that are priced at a discount to market value. Our portfolio managers look for companies that have, among other attributes, restructuring opportunities, hidden assets, undervalued growth models, positive management change, dividend/yield plays, or management action that generates a positive change in a company’s business model (turnaround). Serious value investing, based on the stage of value realization, can lead to significant portfolio appreciation.
Fundamental Research
Five Mile River research goes well beyond reading company SEC filing documents such as 8K, 10K and proxies. Our portfolio managers maintain regular communication with company management, study Wall Street research, engage in quarterly earnings calls, contact competitors, suppliers and customers in order to get a more comprehensive view of the potential risk and return of each investment.
Clients Goals
Client goals are our first priority when defining asset allocation. Clients new to Five Mile River Investment Management discuss their investment objectives with our Five Mile River Team. Portfolios are constructed to meet their needs. Regular client interaction is encouraged so that the investment team can react to any change in investment objective.
Portfolio Designed To Meet Income And Growth Objectives
Establishing a custom strategy consistent with a client’s objectives is key to building portfolios that lead to long-term excellence in performance. Diversification is achieved by investment in companies that participate in global markets, in multiple sectors and industries. Also, the implementation of diverse value strategies can further reduce volatility. A disciplined approach drives the portfolio investments with both short-term and long-term price objectives set for all securities. Positions are reduced or sold entirely when a price objective is reached. Five Mile River is committed to an investment process that can provide long-term wealth creation for clients.

This web site is not meant as a general guide to investing, or as a source of any specific investment recommendation, and makes no implied or express recommendation concerning the manner in which any client’s accounts should or would be handled as appropriate investment decisions depend upon a client’s investment objectives. Any offer to sell or the solicitation of an offer to buy any interests in any securities may be made only by means of delivery of a Five Mile River Investment Management Agreement, Five Mile River brochure and ADV Part II, and/or other similar materials which contain a description of the material terms and various considerations and risk factors. Five Mile River Investment Management, LLC is registered with State Departments of Banking and transacts business only in those states where it is registered. The FMR Privacy Policy can be reviewed by clicking the link here.
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